Build a OXID Module with GraphQL + Apollo + React + TypeScript

graphql react apollo typescript i18n  GraphQL and React combined with TypeScript, create and ideal developer experience.
Alejandro Sánchez

Alejandro Sánchez


We can build a client-side application with React and Apollo using the OXID GraphQL API to display information about the "Shop Languages" and provide a unique admin module to easily edit translations for all the strings in the shop divided by categories like ( custom, theme, admin, modules, etc.).

We will automatically generate TypeScript types for our GraphQL queries and execute these queries using React Hooks.

Why GraphQL + TypeScript?
A GraphQL API is required to be strongly typed, and the data is served from a single endpoint. By calling a GET request on this endpoint, the client can receive a fully self-documented representation of the backend, with all available data and the corresponding types then we can scan our web app directory for query files and match them with the information provided by the GraphQL API to create TypeScript types for all request data this leads to fewer bugs and a much faster iteration speed on our app.

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