Baby Euro Gym: GameBoy Ruby

ruby gamification  Build your own GameBoy emulator using Ruby! [please read description]
josé albornoz

josé albornoz


Ever felt like: "man, i'm tired of writing rails apps, i should emulate a platform from the early 90s"? Today's your lucky day!

I had the idea of this session, but it's not yet finished. If people show interest in it, I'll make it happen.

How much should I know for this workshop? If you landed into ruby a week ago, this might be a bit too much. You don't need to be an expert and I'll try to explain as much as possible, so no worries.
If you're not sure if this workshop is for you, ping me @eljojo and I'll give you a hand. It will probably be fine :)

If you want to read more about it (and see the progress), you can head to:

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