Workshop: arduino-sensor-thingies

 Lets build a sensor-packed, led-blinking stuff. Lets make it tweet or print or...
Lennart  Brink-Abeler

Lennart Brink-Abeler



We abandones the idea of making something that moves due to our lack of free time in the last weeks.
But here are the good news: We got 5 Arduinos clones, breadboards, jumper cabels, sensors and some bluetooth modules!
So there will be Arduino hacking on RailsCamp this year!
We tested most of the sensors and have documented what we have done so we can give you a kickstart on Arduino. Im looking forward to see what will be build next weekend! :-)

See you there!


The original(no much effort) idea:
So our idea was to provide a motorised gondola featuring an arduino board with bluetooth. That gondola will be moving on a rope somwhere in the Abenteuerhallen.
We will show you how to make an LED blink and how to read sensor data from that thing. Thats the Boring part.

Now for the fun part. We will provide you with arduino boards and stuff to put on them. You can experiment with them in a team(or alone if you dont like other people) and when you got it all figured out your sensor/led/whatever will be put on that gondola and will provide data/light/whatever to everyone!
So this could be arduino prototyping ALL WEEKEND! Aint that great?

Hopfully this will spark some interesting mini projects.
Some stuff that would be possible:
- display weather info on that gondola, yellow "sun"-led, blue "rain"-leds...
- have a webcam mounted on that thing so others can get a glimpse of the camp
- make it swear to people right under it or make it offer cake

An now a little disclaimer:
We aint no pros. At all. We provide some basic stuff and then invite you to join in. So if anyone wants to add some ideas or offer help, you are very welcome.

If you want to help or want to know something give us a shout:
@lennartba @profdranlu

- made a list with sensors we want to provide and where to get them from(salvage/buy)
- had contact with some nice guys from ctdo(@ctdo on twitter) last week, maybe we will build the gondola frame with some of their tec and help

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