How to Design a Successful KM Strategy

 This session outlines the process for creating a strategy to give direction to a KM program.
Stephanie Barnes

Stephanie Barnes


Stephanie Barnes, co-author of the recently published, "Designing a Successful KM Strategy" will give an overview of the process described by the book.

About the book and session:
Knowledge management has to be seen within the context of business strategy and business need. It is not an end itself, but a tool to deliver better business performance, and this view is crucial to developing and crafting an effective KM strategy.

This session covers: creating a strategy to give direction to a KM program, recognizing business drivers, clarifying strategic knowledge areas for the organization, and finding and defining key stakeholders who need to be involved.


Diese Session hat am 26.06.2015 14:00 stattgefunden (GfWM KnowledgeCamp 2015 Sessionplan).
Diese Session hat am 27.06.2015 10:00 stattgefunden (GfWM KnowledgeCamp 2015 Sessionplan).

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