A scalable e-teaching platform to go please!

web opensource bigbluebutton digitale transformation e-learning django  This session points out the problems we had to overcome during COVID-19 and the journey of BBB@Scale
Dominique Mondry

Dominique Mondry


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, educational institutions faced the challenges of transferring their traditional lecture hall lessons to a digital space in the shortest possible time.

At Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences’ Computer Science department various tools were evaluated and ultimately an in-house developed solution for scaling and managing conference rooms based on BigBlueButton on a big scale was created. This solution was published as an open source project under the name BBB@Scale.

In our session we would like to share our experiences in establishing a GDPR-compliant scalable teaching portal and show how BBB@Scale can be adapted as a reference solution on an open source basis in other institutions.

Compared to other solutions for scaling Bigbluebutton we offer:
- possibility to map physical rooms to virtual rooms
- large-scale deployment
- display room occupancy via calendar requests
- tenant-based schedule of sessions
- ldap authentication
- scalable frontend for managing server, rooms, configs and creating/joining new sessions

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