Getting feedback an improving the concept of the "Personnel Responsible"
Erika Sitterli

Erika Sitterli


One year ago we introduced „Personnel Responsibles“ @ Silbury. There was the wish of the employees to have a fixed contact person regarding all employee-related issues. We furthermore wanted to ensure leadership, support, personal development and retention of all employees.

Since then every employee at Silbury has a „Personnel Responsible“.

Within the HR Roadmap we are working on the description of the role „Personnel Responsible“ and how we can improve the overall concept of the „Personnel Responsible“.

Therefore we need your feedback and support.

For the session I prepared some questions and I would like to get your opinion and feedback in a small workshop.

As the concept of the „Personnel Responsible“ is for you – for the employees – this is your chance to take part in the further improvement of the concept.

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