Silbury Barcamp 01/2018 - internal development day 23.03.2018 bis 23.03.2018

A lot of you mentioned different times, that you would like to have consistent internal further development or e.g. use the Barcamp for internal topics. Based on your request, we rethought our consisting Barcamp. We have the same opinion as you and think that our Barcamp is a perfect and strong platform for internal further development and we can clearly use it to work on internal topics. So therefore, we decided to have a different Barcamp this time. We would like to use the Barcamp as an internal development day (platform), where we focus on internal topics that foster our further development as a company. Focused should be for example topics which we are currently dealing with or would like to improve. We would like to share our knowledge, foster exchange, further develop ourselves and create results for us as a company. So therefore, we decided to have three fixed streams for the whole day. The fixed streams are "Tech", "Projects" and "How we work at Silbury". You can either Offer (Biete) or look for a session (suche) - please consider the session needs to focus one of the mentioned streams. Please use the Stream also in your Title. As said, we focus on the internal development of Silbury. So therefore, the proposed session needs to have a learning effect for us. Please clearly describe, what the learning effect of your proposed session is.

Sessionvorschläge "architecture" (1)