Introducing "Trusted Email Services"

privacy  Introduction of the Trusted Email Services Working Group
Mikko Linnamäki

Mikko Linnamäki


Trusted Email Services (TES) is an initiative to help consumers and businesses to easily identify an Email provider which fulfills their trust, security and privacy needs.

TES working group, which contains Email software developers, DNS experts, ISPs, security specialists and users, have together agreed to set guidelines for open and standard methods which will help to protect against the mass surveillance of Email.

By meeting the technical criteria of TES, Email service providers will be awarded TES certification by the Open Source Business Foundation and its TIS (Trusted Internet Services organization).

The certification will reassure consumers that Email services displaying the TES badge are trustworthy and can be safe in the knowledge that their privacy will be uncompromised.

As the TES initiative is now getting started, all Email service providers and software vendors are encouraged to participate in the process to develop and evolve the technical criteria for TES.


Diese Session hat am 27.03.2015 15:00 stattgefunden (OpenUp Camp Sessionplan).

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