DevOps Gathering 2019

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The DevOps Gathering is an international conference located in Bochum - surrounded by the metropolitan area of the Ruhr Valley. This melting pot of past times industrial revolutions is nowadays a hot spot for Germany’s IT industry - a perfect place to discuss the next big evolution of our industry and working culture. Let’s discuss the hot topics inside the DevOps community and start talking about CNCF-Projects, Container Ecosystems, Kubernetes, Microservices, Serverless, Clouds and everything else regarding the DevOps culture to automate all. The bee42 solutions gmbh is hosting a conference striving for high-quality content and providing a platform for experienced international speakers at the G DATA Campus in the heart of Bochum. Everyone is invited to join to discuss the hottest topics of the Cloud Native development with its impact on the digital transformation. Join our journey and cooperate on infrastructure technology and innovative solutions to revolutionize the software industry. WORKSHOPS * Fullday-Workshop: Container Security by Rachid Zarouali (Freelancer & Docker Captain) * Fullday-Workshop: Making Resilient, Self-Adaptive, and Autonomous Kubernetes Clusters by Viktor Farcic (Docker Captain & CloudBees) * Halfday-Workshop: Container as a Service at the Azure-Cloud by Rainer Stropek (software architects & IT Visions) * Halfday-Workshop: Kubernetes 101 by Niclas Mietz (bee42 solutions) Halfday-Workshop: Kubernetes on Amazon EKS by Sascha Möllering (Amazon Web Services) * Halfday-Workshop: Kubernetes Advanced by Tobias Bradtke (GiantSwarm) TALKS * DevOps - It’s all about the Experiments by Konstantin Diener (cosee) * What the heck is Software Craftsmanship? by Sandra Parsick (Freelancer) & Benjamin Nothdurft (codecentric) * Kubernetes for Non-Coders by Bill Mulligan (Loodse) * Helm: Build fashionable Container Systems with Kubernetes by Peter Rossbach (bee42 solutions) * Kubernetes on AWS with Amazon EKS by Sascha Möllering (Amazon Web Services) * Traefik as an Ingress Controller for Kubernetes by Manuel Zapf (codecentric) * Go as a Tooling Language for the Cloud by Jannis Schäfer (cosee) * More Containers for (Model) Railways! by Dirk Weil (Gedoplan) * SRE, DevOps, Google and You by Björn Rabenstein (SoundCloud) * C4 - Continuous Culture Change Challenges by Mario Kleinsasser & Alexander Ortner (STRABAG) * Ensuring Kubernetes Cost Efficiency across (many) Clusters by Henning Jacobs (Zalando) * Kubernetes Operators by Roland Huss (RedHat) * Delivering Cloud Native Apps with Kubernetes on Azure by Dennis Zielke (Microsoft) * DevOps Stories on Adopting the Mindset by Busra Koken (trivago)
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