BarCamp "(Hi)stories of resistance" 31.10.2014 bis 04.11.2014

“(Hi)stories of Resistance“ is a German-Greek-Polish barcamp dealing with these questions and more relating to the topics of opposition and resistance in present and past in various contexts. If you are an activist, scientist, artist, practitioner or just interested in dealing with these questions, join the trinational barcamp from 31.10. to 04.11.2014 at the International Youth Meeting Centre in Krzyżowa (PL). We are going to look at the topic of opposition and resistance through different approaches (scientific, artistic, creative, personal etc.) and focal points (human rights, education for sustainable development, civil society, gender issues etc.) APPLY NOW!


31.10.2014 bis 04.11.2014
ab 12:00 Uhr

International Youth Meeting Center in Krzyzowa (PL)
Krzyzowa 7
58-112 Grodziszcze
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The Kreisau-Initiative e.V. was set up by East and West Berliners in the summer of 1989 – before the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Its aim was to sponsor ideally and materially the set-up and maintenance of an international youth community centre and memorial in what was German Kreisau until 1945 and subsequently Polish Krzyżowa. We are represented on the boards of the Polish Kreisau Foundation for European Understanding and cooperate closely on concepts for and the implementation of projects in and around Kreisau/ Krzyżowa.

As a non-governmental, non-profit organization we draw people’s attention to Kreisau in cooperation with our partners. Our liaison office in Berlin guarantees continuous and professional cooperation with the Kreisau Foundation, e.g., financing and organizing common projects such as events in Kreisau and Berlin. Through our public relations and networking, and our consulting and fund-raising we promote civil society engagement for the special “European locality of Kreisau/ Krzyżowa”.


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HOW TO APPLY? Please fill out the application form and write a short paper explaining your motivation to participate in the barcamp as well as outlining how you plan to contribute (theoretical input, presentation of certain working methods or projects you are involved in, your general experience within the field of opposition and resistance, a film/ play/ piece of art/ song you have created or you are going to create etc.) See the questions in the application form. OR send us a short movie of you presenting yourself. APPLICATION DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 15th 2014 FIND THE APPLICATION FORM HERE: PARTICIPATION COSTS 20 EUR per person, costs for accommodation and all meals are covered by that fee. Any additional costs such as travel costs to Berlin or Krzyżowa have to be covered by the participants themselves. We are offering a shuttle bus from Berlin to the IYMC in Krzyżowa (PL) and return (free of charge). The bus will leave at 12 noon on 31 October 2014 from Berlin. More detailed information will be provided by the organizers. Participants from Greece can apply for travel reimbursement up to 200 EUR per person. For further information contact